Logo of the ESN Sea Battle

Rave the Sea!

The ESN Sea Battle is an international cruise between Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia) primarly!

The ESN Sea Battle is organized by Tallink Silja and proudly brought to you by ESN Sweden. As ESN Sweden's National Event, ESN Sea Battle was first organized in 2005 with 500 participants from Swedish universities. Since then it has grown to over 4 times the size and includes participants from six countries.

ESN Sweden is proud to welcome Responsible Party onboard the cruise!

Participating Countries

The officially participating countries are: 

  • ESN Denmark 
  • ESN Lithuania 
  • ESN Norway 
  • ESN Sweden 

The event is available for ESN members of the above mentioned ESN countries, as well as international ESN guests. 

The ESN Sea Battle gathers twice a year, usually in November and April, for the four days and three nights that the event takes place. With its over 2100 participants, the ESN Sea Battle is one of the biggest student events in Northern Europe! 

The ESN Sea Battle is arranged on the M/S Baltic Queen of Tallink Silja, or when headed for Riga it is arranged on M/S Romantika. The M/S Baltic Queen has three dance floors, six bars, several restaurants, a tax free shop and several other shops, a sauna and pool area, gambling machines and tables, etc. For more information about the M/S Baltic Queen and Isabelle, please visit the website of Tallink Silja


During the cruise some of the programs that have been arranged on-board during the past years have included: 

  • Karaoke 
  • Speed dating and friending 
  • Treasure hunts 
  • Latin Dance lessons 
  • Music quizzes
  • Bingo 
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Country Battles' 
  • Live musical shows 
  • Theme parties (every night)

All programs on-board are included in the price of the event and almost all the programs on-board are organised by ESN volunteers from Sweden and other countries. 

Besides the activities during the actual cruise, the participating students from Denmark, Norway and Sweden have the possibility to visit one of the capitals in the Baltics (Tallinn or Riga) for half a day. ESN Estonia and ESN Latvia organise sightseeing tours in the city for all interested participants. 

The participants from Lithuania have the opportunity to visit Stockholm, Sweden for half a day where ESN Sweden is responsible for organising sightseeing tours in the Scandinavian Capital.

For more information, visit the official ESN Sea Battle Website.