ESN Sweden's mission

Our mission is to be

the key volunteer student organisation

in higher education in Sweden.


We aim to

motivate the sections and unify them

into one network

represented by us.


We provide

support and facilitate in

education and development opportunities

for the sections and their members.


We promote

cultural awareness and everything we do is

to improve the feeling of unity

for students in Sweden.


We are one network. We are ESN Sweden. 


National Board 2017 - 2018

Dominik Selzer

Hi! I’m Dominik, a slightly geekish figure often seen shooting people at weddings, with my camera of enormous size.  I’m a proud Hufflepuff that likes to travel a lot (both in time and place with help of my Tardis), and enjoys meeting new people, which is the reason I joined ESN in 2014. I am convinced that, together with all these incredible and inspiring volunteers in this amazing organisation, we will contribute to making life for international students in Sweden and all over the world the best time of their lives. Live long and prosper!

Paolo Alexandriyski
Vice President

Hello World! I am Bulgarian guy, with an Italian name, who speaks Mandarin and lives in Sweden! Weird, eh? I like anything that is geek related and I adore Asian cultures, especially the food! The reason I am part of ESN is because I love the environment that it brings, the thought of helping others, the never ending smiles of everyone and more! What else about me... well I'm a social and outgoing person, also a dog person! Aside from that, lets get this show on the road! Allons-y!

Oihana Basabe

My name is Oihan and I am a (e)Spanish girl studying in Stockholm. I love animals, nature and music and I am doing my PhD by basically mixing stuff in a laboratory ;-) . However I have always been attracted to numbers and even though my studies took me far away from them, It just felt natural to became the treasurer at my local section. At that time, I did not know that ESN would trap me to the point that can’t get enough. ESN is full of people that brings up the best of me and make me feel home wherever I am. The people in this network is very dedicated, full of positive energy, ambitious, and passionate. ESN is making my time in Sweden the best time of my life.



National Representative



Pascal Kuta
Communication Manager

Cześć! I am Pascal, polish born, but grew up in Germany, in the home of the famous Currywurst, Bochum. I decided around two years ago to move to Sweden and pursue other goals. Now I live in my new home town, Gothenburg, which I chose mainly because I like the music scene around In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates. Sounds random, I know, and it definitely is. Soon after I arrived in Sweden I joined the local ESN Section which was such an inspiring experience that I couldn't stop. I fell in love with the network! Now I am in my second mandate in doing graphics and stuffs for ESN Sweden, even though I am officially an engineer. Apart from that, I am super nerdy and probably the first one that loves to discuss the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy! Ha det gått!


Mert Canat
Web Project Administrator

Hi, everyone! I am Mert, a Turkish guy doing his MSc in Stockholm. I love traveling, backpacking and socializing with inspirational people from different backgrounds. Actually, this is how I fell in love with Stockholm in the first place and decided to study here. I can also say that I am a nature lover, technologist, and history enthusiast. Quite opposite, but it is all me. While doing my bachelor's in Istanbul, I lived in California and Hong Kong for a while during my exchange studies. I found myself here in Sweden in the end. Saddened by the fact that I was not part of an international community, I joined ESN. Sitting by myself and doing my thing was never enough for me. I do value the ambition and spirit of ESN. I am here, engineers being engineers, responsible as the WPA. Looking forward to having a great year with you!

Giulia Neulen
Sea Battle Coordinator

Hello! My name is Giulia, a half German, half Italian girl in her mid 20s. I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Stockholm when I was 17. You could say it was because I was drawn to the sea and to boats. I like boats. I guess that's why I wanted to be the ESN Sea Battle Coordinator, and I like boats so much that I decided that I cannot leave the Baltic Sea yet so that's why I'm doing my second mandate in that position. I did my Erasmus exchange in Florence, Italy, where I was also part of ESN Florentia for a while. But Florence is not really located by the sea, so they don't really have that many boats, that's why I came back and joined ESN SU in Stockholm because they have boats! When I'm not raving the sea I tell people the story of the Vasa (a Swedish warship - are you still doubting my love for boats?!) and doing a Master in Language Science (not really about boats, which is sad, but I like languages as well so it's pretty cool). I also enjoy cracking jokes and speaking with different accents. I hope to see you raving the sea with me at the next ESN Sea Battle!





National Coordinators 2017 - 2018

Kinga Kowalczyk
Education Officer


Deborah Traujtmann
Partnership Manager

Mary Wardak
SocialErasmus Coordinator

Hej hej! My name is Mary and I am an Ukrainian/Afghani mix raised in the Netherlands, did my exchange in Finland and now studying my Masters in Sweden! As you can read I have been mobile for almost all my life, hopping from one country to another! This is also the reason the ESN network feels like home to me, we are all global citizens!

Some fun facts about me: I love sushi, dogs, hitchhiking, the sea and my ukulele. So if you are into these things as well, hit me up! ❤

Lena Graungaard
ExchangeAbility Coordinator

Hallå hallå! My name is Lena and I am the national ExchangeAbility coordinator in Sweden. I have a bachelor degree in political science and economics from Linköping University and I am now working at The Swedish Migration Agency as an asylum officer. I've lived in several different places in my life. The first country I moved to, without knowing anyone in advance, was Kenya. It will always have s special place in my heart <3

Cool (?) facts about me: I've been rescued from baboons by a Masai and I've been to the same party as Channing Tatum (yes awkwardly screamed and almost fainted).

Being the national ExchangeAbility coordinators is awesome. I believe in same opportunities for everyone and that includes mobility for everyone! I am very proud of being a part of a network that is working towards becoming totally barrier-free and inclusive. 

Let's make Europe and beyond inclusive and accessible for everyone! 

Taha Haj Ahmad
Responsible Party Coordinator