At the beginning of December we were published in Studentmagasinet - the biggest editorial for university students across Sweden (92 000 copies made available at 25 Universities reaching an approximate 158 000 readers per issue). The text is translated as follows:


Students educate students for a more healthy student culture

Over 175 000 students in 26 European countries have so far taken part in a Responsible Party. Since
2010 the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in cooperation with Pernod Ricard are working towards
a more healthy consumption of alcohol. In Sweden the biggest Responsible Party takes place on the
Baltic Sea during the three day event ”ESN Sea Battle”.


Responsible Party is about showing students that it is possible to have fun and party in a responsible
way. It is a non-commercial initiative by Pernod Ricard in cooperation with ESN. Pernod Ricard
Sweden is financing the program and educates volunteers selected by ESN Sweden to become
Responsible Party ambassadors. These take part in the parties and act as role models, arrange
activities, distribute water and inform about the risks with an extensive alcohol consumption.

”Our cooperation with ESN gives us a unique possibility to elevate the awareness about the risks of
the extensive consumption of alcohol. Responsible Party is not about preventing people from
drinking alcohol, but about promoting moderate consumption and encourage a more healthy
attitude and behavior. So far we have reached about 25 000 students in the Nordic and Baltic
countries only”,
Mikael Sundström, head of CSR Pernod Ricard Sweden


ESN Sea Battle is a three day cruise between Stockholm and Tallinn, which is arranged twice per
year by ESN Sweden. It is an international event where about 1800-2400 students from all over
Europe are participating. The latest edition of the ESN Sea Battle took place the 17-19th of
November. The aim of the event is to bring together students from different countries and at the
same time give them the opportunity to explore two cities on each side of the Baltic Sea. Onboard
several activities are arranged: karaoke, speed-friending, treasure hunts, dance lessons, quizzes,
reaction and coordination challenges. These activities as well as the distribution of information,
water and snacks during the nights contribute to more safety on board and less risk for
overconsumption of alcohol.

“When having so many students on a limited area and for such a long time as three days it is very
important to work towards the responsible consumption of alcohol. We want to have a safe event
and for the participants to have a positive experience from it. Implementing the Responsible Party
has proven to be very successful and appreciated. We are happy about the cooperation with Pernod
Ricard and proud about the important information and the added value that Responsible Party
provides to the students”
Malin Karlsson, president of ESN Sweden and Prokop Teper, national Responsible Party coordinator of ESN