Sea Battle OC is the organising committee for ESN Sea Battle, for more information about this, click here, with the goal of creating and improving the event every year. The committee besides the ESN Sweden Treasurer, Communication Manager, Web Project Administrator and of course Sea Battle Coordinator, consists of the following:

•    Section Coordinator
•    Social Events Coordinator
•    External Events Coordinator
•    Club Coordinator
•    Partnership manager
•    IT & Support
•    Responsible Party Coordinator

Together, they are responsible for planning and coordinating Sea Battle so that every year becomes a memorable one. Some of the tasks include:
•    Representing and coordinating the event
•    Communicating and cooperating with Tallink Silja
•    Handling passenger lists as well as lists of group leaders, Responsible Party Coordinators and others
•    Coordinating all sections of participating ESN countries including communications, distribution and ticket sales
•    Planning and execution of the activities and events on board, events outside the actual cruise (booking accommodation, clubs etc.) as well as taking care of the international guests
•    Handling existing and new commercial partners
•    Updating and creating graphics for the social media channel of ESN Sea Battle as well as promotional material for the event
•    Assisting with IT issues and technical matters on the event itself
•    Planning and execution of Responsible Party activities on board

For more information, please contact Giulia Neulen on [email protected]!