Finding accommodation in Gothenburg can be just as much of a hassle as in Stockholm or Malmö, but generally a little bit easier than Stockholm. As a student, there are two main universities you would be studying at: Chalmers Institute of Technology, and Gothenburg University. These universities can help you with finding accommodation either directly related to the university or give you information about other types of accommodation and should always be your first type of contact when you start looking for places to live while studying.

Finding Accommodation:

Municipal housing companies rank applicants by the number of days they are registered, so the longer you on there, the better your chances are of securing a firsthand contract with these landlords. Housing webpages like SGS operate with a queuing system. So if you start queuing early you will have more opportunities to get a place.

Think if you like more the nature or the urban. There are forests and lakes just in the middle of the city. A good idea would be to check transport connections: You should decide if you like to walk or ride a tram. Don’t forget that Gothenburg is an excellent place to get a bike, and given the fact that the center of Gothenburg is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer.


One suggestion to make sure you stay on top of the situation would be to:

  1. Read all the important information about accommodation on the university website
  2. Create an account with SGS make sure you know how it works.
  3. Check housing websites where you are active every day. The best time to find a room is around end May – July when majority of the people are moving out, thus there is a lot of last minute rooms available.
  4. Once a room becomes available, it would be good to call the office immediately and being patient.

Student Apartments

  • SGS Studentbostäder: Offers housing in several parts of the city
  • Chalmers Studentbostäder: Offers housing either nearby Chalmers campus Johanneberg or close to Chalmers campus Lindholmen

The most popular student residences amongst International students are:

  • Ostkupan (mainly Chalmers students)
  • Olofshojd (basically every Erasmus student lives there)
  • Helmuts

They are within a walking distance from each other and seem to be the best place to start when you move to Gothenburg. There is always something going on, everyone is new as you and the main language spoken is English.

Boplats Göteborg

If you are staying for more than a year, you will want to register and pay the fee and apply for regular apartments as well.

A marketplace that advertises private rooms and flats. Here, international students can find ads for private rooms. Costs 100 SEK. There are generally more ads available during the summer months. Boplats Göteborg is the kind of marketplace that gives you general information about housing in Gothenburg, as well as support you in your search for accommodation and private rooms. They will also provide you with tenancy agreements, other helpful materials and avoiding fraud.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both types of accommodations. It would be recommended to start in a student hall as it is more secure and easier to sort out when you are new in a foreign country. You will also meet loads of different students from all over the world who are very likely to become your new family. If you think about staying for a bit longer, then looking for an apartment is a good choice as it is cheaper and you can choose who to live with in a location you like.


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Good to Know

  • The likelihood of getting a room the traditional queue way will be very hard for a foreign student as Swedish people start queuing generally when they turn 18. However, most of foreign students get student accommodation through last minute offers.
  • When finding a last minute offer, you will have to start paying rent from the day you get the room even though you don’t live there just yet (but you’ll have a room)
  • Don’t give up and try to relax: The University is aware of your situation and will try to help as they want you to study there.
  • It is easier to look for places once you are actually there (there is a difference between exchanging emails for a week and seeing an ad, and visiting the apartment in next hour and then signing the lease).
  • Finding accommodation is always a stressing task, and you might be finding it time consuming and impossible, but don’t worry, you are not going to be doing your exchange homeless. Remember to start looking as soon as you can, send a lot of e mails and have patience, you are not alone!