On moving to Malmö, looking for accommodation will undoubtedly be one of your priorities. Like in the rest of the country, finding accommodation there can be a quite difficult task. You will hence need some patience to settle in Sweden's third biggest city. But in all cases, Malmö is a very welcoming area towards expatriates, especially thanks to its diverse population.

About Malmö

Sweden’s third largest city is a symbol of cross-border diversity - Scandinavia's most dynamic and diversified city and a blend of foreign nationals coming from 164 countries accounting for 40% of the city's population. A creative mini-metropolis on the border between Sweden and mainland Europe, Malmö is only half an hour away from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, which both are connected by the Øresund Bridge.

Finding accommodation

Malmö University does not arrange the housing for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, thus you need to arrange accommodation on your own. Tuition fee-paying students are guaranteed housing and exchange students are offered housing depending on availability. Since there is a general lack of housing, Malmö University strongly recommend students to look even before you are accepted.

As with most cities, it is easier to find accommodation outside the city-center, particularly if you have a restricted budget. In general, rent prices vary from one neighborhood to another and according to the type of housing unit and its standards. Hence, count an average of 6500 SEK per month for a single-bedroom apartment in the city-center and around 4600 SEK per month for the same type of housing unit in the outskirts.

Most firsthand rental contracts are allocated using a housing queue. The apartments are subject to rent control meaning that they are often below sublet market price. Due to the lower price the demand for these apartments are very high and, unless you have been a member of the housing queues for several years, the apartments are very hard to get.

But fear not, there are several ways to find somewhere to stay, some more temporary and other more permanent:

  • The Sofa Project where people will do everything they can to find somewhere for you to stay, and that is a good way to make connections and find a temporary place to sleep when you first arrive
  • Malmö University partner Housing Anywhere where students who are coming from abroad to Malmö can find and book student rooms on the website. The rooms on are offered by students that go abroad for exchange studies or internship. While the service is free, a fee will be charged when you make a booking
  • Boplats Syd is an in Swedish only website, where most landlords advertise their vacancies. It costs SEK 300 per year to be a member and it takes on average 1-8 months to get an offer for a student apartment. The various property owners can choose which demands the tenant must meet in order to apply for one of their apartments - so make sure to always have an updated profile.
  • The LU (University of Lund) Accommodation offer housing at Folkets Park. The housing area is situated in the very center of Malmö surrounded by a popular park and numerous restaurants and clubs. You can travel by bus or train to Lund in approximately 35 minutes from your door to Lund central station
  • Using Hyresbevakning you can ensure that you get in contact with the landlord as soon as possible after the apartment has been listed

Several landlords publish apartments outside of the housing queue in order to give some possibility for people with no days in the queue to find an apartment. There are also some landlords that want to have more control in who is picked as a tenant and might choose to not use a queue for that reason. The apartments are allocated based on the time of application or by having a lottery among the people applying first.

There a few dedicated student housing options. To be able to sign a contract for a rental apartment you often need to be able to pay a three month deposit (or find a creditor who has a financial record in Sweden) plus one month rent in advance.


Good to Know

While starting early in your hometown will be great, it can be easier to search for an apartment once you’re there because you actually meet people who can help. As mentioned above, it can be quite complicated to find accommodation in Malmö. In all cases, it is best to be on the spot to proceed with your search given the rental market's limits.

In the meantime, there are pretty unique solutions in Malmö. But Malmö is not too big, so don’t worry if you’re not right in the middle. Wherever you are, you’ll not be that far away from the center or the university, and it is nice to cycle around anyway.