Become a partner

Become a partner
Our international aim is to offer services to our sections that they can provide to the students that they represent. Our sections aim to provide a smooth transition and integration into the host country for the students by proposing various activities and offering services to them for their period studying abroad.
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A new image for your company

Being a partner of ESN demonstrates your involvement in the future of Europe and in the youth of Europe. Supporting ESN is an expression of interest in the possibilities of young people and the added value they bring with them after a successful mobility period. Providing financial, professional or tangible support for the daily activities of a volunteer student organisation likewise creates a positive public image for your company and brings social recognition and a long-term professional reputation for your brand.
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Offer unique services to our members

The ESNcard project, launched in 2004, aims to support the international students and trainees and give them access to affordable opportunities during their period abroad.

In 2018, there were more than 199.000 ESNcards distributed to students around Europe. The ESNcard is used by over 450+ ESN sections across the continent. You can manage your membership and view all the discounts on

With the ESNcard, the user can enjoy plenty of discounts - housing, sport, food, bars, etc.- all over Europe. There is also the opportunity to participate in hundreds of events with the local ESN section and other sections around the destination country, and even beyond, for the period of your membership.

In 2012, ESN created a website for all ESNcard holders and students to access discounts and deals offered by partners of ESN. It gathers over 3 800 local, national and international discounts in 42 European countries.
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Want to become our partner? Contact us at [email protected]