The National Board of Erasmus Student Network Sweden consists of seven elected board members for a mandate of one year. The seven board members cover the following positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Communication Manager, National Representative, Sea Battle Coordinator and Web Project Administrator. Every year a new Board is elected at the National Platform in the spring.

  Markus, President ESN Sweden  Mikaela, National Representative ESN Sweden  Oscar, Treasurer ESN Sweden

  Markus H. Mediaa, President                    Mikaela Åhlen, National Representative                       Oscar Backman, Treasurer​

Mary, Communication Manager ESN Sweden  Jawed, Sea Battle Coordinator ESN Sweden  János, Web Project Administrator ESN Sweden

     Mary Wardak, Communication Manager                     Jawed Lalee, Sea Battle Coordinator          János Lamberg-Liszkay, Web Project Administrator

Xhesika, Vice President ESN Sweden

     Xhesika Dashi, Vice President