Our causes & projects

Our causes & projects

The causes of ESN define six areas of expertise that the International ESN Network deems capital to engage with. Those areas allow the network to promote the enrichment of society through international students as they aim at a positive impact on exchange students, the volunteers of the network and even the society of the local welcoming country at large.

girls posing with lgbtq flag during erasmus student network esn event in greece

Environmental Sustainability

Being a major challenge of our times, members of ESN want to display their social involvement by showing the environmental mindset of young volunteers. Going on exchange can be the opportunity to tackle environmental issues, be it related to the direct consequences of the exchange (reuse events to avoid waste for moving students) or for tackling the effects of climate change at large (awareness campaigns, litter picking, food waste reduction, etc…)

Health and Wellbeing

Allowing for both international students and volunteers of the network to take care of their mental and physical health through activities and wellbeing campaigns. Too often short duration periods, especially in an unfamiliar environment, tend to lead to unhealthy lifestyles for various reasons: ESN wishes to offer alternatives and advice to all concerned in order to prioritise their health above anything else.

In Sweden, we work together with Responsible Party to make our national event, the ESN Sea Battle, a safer and healthier party environment for our students.

responsible party girl with water tank during esn sea battle event by esn sweden
students posing for responsible party photo wall during esn sea battle by esn sweden

Social Inclusion

As ambassadors of mobility, the members of ESN wish to promote inclusivity on a daily basis, welcoming people to their events regardless of their social background, religion, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, disabilities and any other factors susceptible to discrimination. Volunteers of ESN aim at making their events open to as many people as possible and try to accommodate the needs of as many people as possible. Swedish sections all over the country have organised many events linked to this activity in the past, such as Fika in the Dark (raising awareness of visual impairment).

Youth and Education

Being the largest student network aimed at higher education exchange student, ESN naturally promotes the benefits of education, especially to young people who may be the movers of tomorrow. This is done through local events or more ambitious cooperation with education related organisms in the welcoming country.

woman writing text during social inclusion event by erasmus student network
brochure inclusive mobility alliance erasmus programme

Skills and Employability

For students, one of the biggest challenges remaining past university life is the matter of job-seeking and employability, which is the culmination of their efforts as a higher education student. ESN wishes to help both exchange students and their own volunteers in this endeavour, by cooperating with companies to offer placement opportunities, or by helping their job seeker status through better recognition of their skills and advising on how to promote said skills.


The promulgation of local culture to exchange students as well as the facilitation of activities allowing for an opportunity for intercultural exchange (international dinners, etc…). ESN Sweden and our partners at TimeTravels offers many trips to the nearby landscapes of Norway, Lapland and more as part of this cause every year.

girl holding husky puppy during timetravels trip