SFICO (Swedish Finance Committee) works in supporting the National Treasurer as well as the National Partnership Manager in their work in ESN Sweden. This by assisting with the creation of various tools and writing documents that can facilitate the work of the local treasurers and their sections finances. Among other things these include:

  • Being involved with local treasurers and their finances by constantly keeping up to date what every section is up to in order to better predict their future needs
  • Updating guidelines and information that can help local sections with their financial work
  • Creating tools and holding training sessions that can be used to develop sections knowledge about subjects such as budgets, taxes and legal advice
  • Creating forms and documents concerning Partners within ESN Sweden which can help local sections with information about how to use and read contracts, as well as facilitating the process of getting partners
  • Improving the Audit process by updating guidelines and ground rules

For more information regarding the works of SFICO, please contact Oscar Backman, Treasurer, at [email protected] or Alice Guo, Partnership Manager, at [email protected]!